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Trojans Athletics

Cedar Lee Middle School


Trojans Athletics

Cedar Lee Middle School

Trojans Athletics

Cedar Lee Middle School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:13AM by Bradley McCabe

Auburn Middle School #2 Meet Results

Good Morning Trojans!

I do apologize for the delay, it took some time to get the times and the scores together.     I am proud to announce that our Trojans maintained a strong 3rd place finish in the meet, coming within 30 points of 2nd place!  We received our lowest score of the season with 158!

We had Collin Arey come in 1st in the entire meet, we also had the entire Varsity team finish their race in under 14:30!!!

Please look in the team files section for the excel spread with times, score are below!

1. Auburn (52)

2. Warrenton (128)

3. Cedar Lee (158)

4. Marshall (192)

5. Taylor (240)

We will hold practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday will be used as a rest day before the meet.  We are expecting inclement weather on Wednesday and Thursday so look out for announcements on practice!  

Our last meet will be this Friday at Crockett Park, I will be painting the course on Friday during the day and look forward to watching our Trojans in their final meet!

-Coach McCabe

Team News

7 months ago @ 2:50PM by Bradley McCabe

Auburn Meet 9/29 Results

Good Morning Trojans!

We ran a fantastic race at Auburn on Friday and returned to 3rd place!  The scores are posted below, times are posted in the team files section!

Here are the team scores for the meet.
AMS  50
WMS  88
CLMS 168
TMS  201
MMS 244

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:41PM

AMS Course

1 mile loop, runners go around the course two times.

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:41PM

Crockett Park Course

2 mile loop, runners go around the course one time.

Team News

8 months ago @ 2:42PM

Practice Cancelled Tuesday August 29th

Practice will be canceled due to inclement weather!

Team News

7 months ago @ 2:58PM by Bradley McCabe

Team Pictures!

Team pictures will be taken during practice on Monday October 2nd.  Please be sure that your son has his uniform for the team picture!

Team News

7 months ago @ 1:17AM by Bradley McCabe

Auburn Meet 9/29 Info

Auburn Middle School Meet Info



Meet Location:  Auburn Middle School, meet is held in the athletic fields behind the school.


Parking:  Best parking for the meet can be found in the parking lot to the right of the school (Next to a basketball court and baseball field).


Varsity Lineup:

  1. Collin Arey
  2. Micah Carrol
  3. Peter Rummel
  4. James Lacey
  5. Jonathan Reynolds
  6. Clay Smallwood
  7. Will Frederick
  8. Sterling Payne
  9. Braedon Mullins
  10. Aidan Neidich


All other runners will participate in the JV Meet.


**Important** Team Pictures will be held on Monday October 2nd during practice.  Please have your runner arrive in uniform for pictures!**

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:53AM

FHS Meet #2 Results!

Good Morning Trojans!

We ran another incredible race yesterday and our Varsity Team came in 4th place!  I am extremely proud of our boys, they have showed tremendous improvements as the season has progressed!  I cannot believe we are already half way through the season.


1. Auburn Middle School (54 Points)

2. Warrenton Middle School (94 Points)

3. Taylor Middle School (173 points)

4. Cedar Lee Middle School (180 points)

5. Marshall Middle School (224 points)

The specific times will be posted once they are sent to me which is usually on Monday.  This weeks meet will be at Auburn Middle School on Friday at 4:30 pm!

Have a great weekend and get some rest!!!

-Coach McCabe

Team News

8 months ago @ 1:10AM by Bradley McCabe

Fauquier High School Meet 9/22

Hello Trojans!

We will be returning to Fauquier High School tomorrow at 4:30 pm!  Last week we ran our best race and placed 3rd so I am excited to head back!  Please remember to arrive by 3:45 pm, varsity runners will not participate in the varsity race if they are later than 4 pm!


The parking near the practice fields is very limited, please arrive early to get a spot in the small lots by the fields.  Please do not park in the gravel as these spots are reserved for busses and you will be towed!


Varsity Lineup:


  1. Colin Arey
  2. Micah Carroll
  3. Will Frederick
  4. Clay Smallwood
  5. James Lacey
  6. Peter Rummel
  7. Jonathan Reynolds
  8. Braedon Mullins
  9. Sterling Payne
  10. Jack Arnold


Junior Varsity:

  1. Aidan Neidich
  2. Arie Carroll
  3. Avery Shifflett
  4. Aubrey Shifflett
  5. Reed Dodson
  6. Jacob Phelps
  7. Kayden Trott
  8. Tyler Thompson
  9. Jacob Tyree

I will see you all at the meet tomorrow!

-Coach McCabe

Team News

8 months ago @ 6:36PM by Bradley McCabe

FHS #1 Results

Our Varsity Team had a big improvement and placed 3rd in the meet on Friday!

Varisty Team:

  1. Colin Arey 13:14  (5th Overall!)
  2. Micah Carroll 15:03
  3. Peter Rummel 15:12
  4. Jack Arnold 15:13
  5. Clay Smallwood 15:14
  6. James Lacey 15:28
  7. Jacob Tyree 15:34
  8. Jonathan Reynolds 15:39
  9. Sterling Payne 15:57
  10. Braedon Mullins 16:01

Junior varsity team:

  1. Aidan Neidich 16:09
  2. Arie Carrol 16:56
  3. Avery Shifflett 17:32
  4. Harry Kamara 18:01
  5. Aubrey Shifflett 18:10
  6. Jacob Phelps 18:32
  7. Kayden Trott 18:33
  8. Reed Dodson 21:20
  9. Tyler Thompson 23:24

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:55PM by Bradley McCabe

Pictutes from Fauquier Meet Added!

Good Morning All!

I was able to capture a couple pictures of our runners at the Fauquier meet!  If you have any pictures that you would like to add to the album please email them to me at!


We are still awaiting the scores from the meet!

-Coach McCabe

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:14AM by Bradley McCabe

Varsity Lineup for Fauquier Meet 9/15

Boys Cross Country News!


The next meet is on Friday at 4:30 at Fauquier High School!  No practice today, use this afternoon to rest for our meet tomorrow!


The Varsity Team will be:

1.  Colin Arey

2. Micah Carrol

3.  James Lacey

4. Jonathan Reynolds

5. Jack Arnold

6.  Peter Rummel

7. Jakob Tyree

8. Sterling Payne

9. Clay Smallwood

10. Braedon Mullins


1. Harry Kamara

2. Aidan Neidich


All other runners will be on Junior Varsity!


See you at Fauquier High tomorrow!  Please remember to arrive by 3:45!  If a Varsity runner is not at the meet by 4 pm, you will be replaced by an alternate runner!

See you tomorrow! 

-Coach McCabe

Team News

8 months ago @ 9:55PM by Bradley McCabe

Marshal Meet Scores and Upcoming Meet!

Good Afternoon Trojans!

We ran a tough race yesterday at Marshall Middle School.  After receiving the scores, Cedar Lee came in 5th place with 200 points.  Scores have been posted to the TEAM FILES section and are available for download!  I am looking forward to a hard week of practice to prepare for our next meet at Fauquier High School!

Marshall Meet Takeaways:

  1. I was extremely impressed by the effort of our runners at their first meet!  Marshall is a tough course with lots of hills and challenging areas.  
  2. A few JV runners ran faster races than Varsity runners so we should expect a change in the Varsity and JV line ups!
  3. We did a fantastic job of getting the team together at 3:45!  This was extremely important because all but 1 runner had a chance to walk the course before the meet!

Practice Schedule 9/11-9/15:

We will do our best to stick to the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, off Thursday, Meet Friday schedule!  Obviously we are expecting heavy rainfall on Tuesday, we are monitoring the weather closely!  If practice is cancelled we may reschedule for Thursday, look forward to that information on the website and on announcements!

I was extremely impressed with the effort put forth by our runners!  This was a challenging course and we are a very young team, but we showed lots of room for improvement!  I look forward to working hard to improve the team for the next meet!

Have a good weekend!

Coach McCabe


Team News

8 months ago @ 12:51PM by Bradley McCabe

Varsity Line Up for Marshall Meet

Here is the Varsity team for the Marshall Meet:

1. Collin Arey

2. Micah Carroll

3. WIll Frederick

4. James Lacey

5. Braedon Mullins

6. Clay Smallwood

7. Peter Rummel

8. Jakob Tyree

9. Harry Phafinee

‚Äč10. Sterling Payne

All other runners will be on the Junior Varsity team.  If you have not paid your fee yet you cannot run in the race.  You must also have the Cedar Lee Uniform.  I will be sure to have them with me at the meet!

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:42PM

Marshall Course

2 mile course, go twice around the soccer fields in the Northern Complex and on the MMS campus.

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:42PM

FHS Course

1 mile course, runners go around the course two times.

Team News

9 months ago @ 1:08PM by Bradley McCabe

Try Outs Tomorrow!

Hello Trojans!

It is that time of year again for us to begin preparing for the Boys Fall 2017 Cross Country season!  I am excited to begin my 4th season of coaching the sport here to Cedar Lee!  We will be holding try outs at Cedar Lee on Tuesday August 22nd.  

Needed for try outs:

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Appropriate Running Shoes (your son will not run if he is not wearing appropriate shoes!)
  3. Willingness to improve!
  4. VHSL Physical Current (last school years will not count)

Pick up will be behind the school at 4:45, please do not be late!  Repeated tardiness to pick up your son will result in the possible removal from the Varsity team.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Coach McCabe


Team News

8 months ago @ 1:30PM

Practice Schedule and Meet 9/5-8!

Good Morning Trojans! I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, get out there and get some running in with the weather today!! We have a busy week upcoming with our first meet on Friday! Practice schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, off Thursday, Friday meet! Tuesday will be a heavy practice day as this will be the last good weather day before the meet! Wednesday we will be passing out uniforms! Practice will be indoors due to predicted weather conditions! Friday Meet Requirements! 1. Must have paid $60 athletic fee! 2. Must have transportation waiver signed! 3. Arrive at Marshal Middle by 3:45 pm to prepare! Meet Day: It is important not to load your son up with water and heavy food on Meet days. Keep lunches healthy and a protein bar or nutritional bar close for before or after they run. It is extremely important to arrive by 3:45 pm so we have time to walk the course. If the race is the first time they see the course they will be more focused on finding out where to go! Every cross country course measures 2 Miles! They will run across a variety of terrain; such as gravel, grass, dirt, roads, sidewalks. We divide the team into Varsity and JV teams. The Varsity team is made up of 10 runners. The team is decided based on 2 mile times, participation in practice, and academics. Every other runner on the team will be on JV. Varsity race will be at 4:30 pm, JV race begins as soon as varsity finishes (normally around 20 minutes). I encourage every runner cheer on cedar lee team mates! If your son runs Varsity, please consider staying through the JV race to cheer! I understand that many of us are on other teams however, so do not feel pressured to stay! Varsity and JV teams will be posted on Wednesday of this week! Any questions or concerns please email me at! Go Trojans! Coach McCabe
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